Our 1854 Suburban Farm House

Our 1854 Suburban Farm House
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Baby Blue

Baby Blue
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Love Being my OWN Boss!!!

It's 9:37 pm and I am still at work,well not still I left a 5:30,went grocery shopping,took the goods home...cheated and made salad (and bologna sandwich) for dinner...and by choice came back to my shop...brought the dog,hubby and 11 year old,her homework and some water bottles..all day I have to constantly rearrange and make things look pretty after my customers rummage and ruin my displays :P Just when I get it all nice something sells..and I have to find places for everything AGAIN..After the past weekend it looked like a bomb went off in here..with Maple Fest coming this Saturday I had to fill up the empty spaces and put together some vignettes..all while listening to American Idol (Casey all the way..wish I could vote from Canada)and Sarah's House (another amazing episode,this week was the "family bathroom" I was excited to see my dressers used as vanity's,not MY actual dressers but we have the same one here for sale for $295 not $700).Yes I have a TV at work...it's great I can catch Y&R and I am amazed at how many of my customers follow it.
I just had to share these great chairs I got at a house call for $10 each!!(he paid $89 each at Home Depot if   I need more) all they needed was a good wipe down (dog hair)
I have wanted to mix in some modern chairs with our harvest table for the dining room..he only had 4 so I will use a bench for the other side and resell the chairs we have now!! It's all part of the disease!
Love it then sell it!!!
 Anyway I am being told I HAVE to go home now...off to the big city of  Toronto tomorrow for the day to visit my fav wholesalers for Saturday's SALE!!


Laurie said...

pick up some new signs while you're there please!!!! Still looking for the perfect match for the other one I got from you in my kitchen.

Canadian Cottage said...

Hi Natalie
Wow it is a lot of work that you put into your beautiful store.I can't wait to see what Sarah did in the bathroom but I have to wait for it to come up on the website since we don't have that channel. Have fun in Toronto!