Our 1854 Suburban Farm House

Our 1854 Suburban Farm House
So this isn't Home Sweet Home...adjust!!

Baby Blue

Baby Blue
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Friday, April 23, 2010

Back at the outhouse...things are piling up...

My husband recently surprised me with the most original gift EVER!! an OUTHOUSE! (see my prior post)
Paul and his new best friend Jim (newly nicknamed Sanford and Son even though they are close in age)  have been working like dogs at a century old farm.

The owners have had them boarding the place up to discourage the kids from coming in as it has pretty much collapsed due to the roof not being maintained :(
It would have been a good one to relocate had the money been spent to protect the insides.
Never the less they are salvaging everything they can from doors,windows with original shutters and hardware intact, the entrance way will also be salvaged but is actually holding the front of the house up for now...yikes
They are in the process of dismantling the 150 year old (post and beam, pegged together) barn and they will spend the better part of the next month or more rebuilding it on Jim's family farm. Nothing is being burnt or thrown away,we see the beauty in all of it,even the scrap metal has been recycled.
(Is it just me or does the light coming through the barn boards just give you the best feeling?)

Sanford and Son are hilarious they are like two little kids,up early every morning and there till dusk every night playing in the dirt for the past few weeks..they both have the same interest,and respect, for preserving what "once was" and reusing what ever they can on their own farms. This is truly a labor of love! (but I have upped the life insurance :P)
The outhouse Paul got for me was one of two on the property, Jim got the newer 1920's model...LOL
They have literally risked their lives going into this place as the roof  has collapsed on one side and therefore the bedroom floor is in the living room,the living room floor along with the oak fireplace mantle is in the basement.
There is one beam from the front door to the back summer kitchen which they could walk back and forth on to remove what is left in the house,including iron beds complete with bedding and newspapers dating to the 1930's between the sheets for extra insulation. The upstairs beds had to come out though the windows.
There was once a large pantry cupboard built into the wall which has mysteriously disappeared :S and traces of old wall hanging oil lamps which too have been taking by aliens I suppose.
 There greatest fun so far was finding this 1940 Chevrolet 1 1/2 ton flatbed pickup truck in the garage,which was parked there in 1952. It has been taken to be restored to its original glory and will be in future Bowmanville parades.

Treasures in the attic have also been rescued,which I will have pictures of in the near future.
This old pump will be a beautiful feature in our garden for many years to come...a nice piece of local history.

the hay wagon is still being negotiated and may come down to an old fashioned flip of a coin (anyone have a double sided coin I can borrow? ;)

This door will be reused,along with the others inside

how about this for a security system?

Hope you enjoyed this trip down on the farm,way back in time,when neighbours waved,and kids played happily outside,and Mom's got to stay home and bake pies...(yeah right)

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