Our 1854 Suburban Farm House

Our 1854 Suburban Farm House
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Baby Blue

Baby Blue
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Friday, September 17, 2010

Shopping in Mom's basement

Going home for Sunday dinner is always nice and with 5 birthdays between August and September we get to go home almost every Sunday this time of year!
I come by my packrat tendencies honestly as my Mom still has a basement full of our life at home. It feels like 1970 something when I go down there to snoop,I mean reminisce. One of these days the gold and black Spanish sofa and chair with solid wood ends will be back in style!!
If it's "still good" or "we might need it sometime"..it's down there! Which, once in awhile, is a good thing. Over the years I have rescued my old button collection that could have easily been tossed and my Holly Hobbie and her friend Amy,Garfield and Odie survived the years forgotten in the basement while I was busy being a teenager. I am thankful that the rug I hooked when I was 12 was still there too,but more recently I was thrilled to find these..

I didn't find them all neatly stacked together,and I'm thinking there could still be a fourth waiting for me,but I did rescue them from the forgotten basement,dusted them off, and brought them to my family home to pretty up my counter,just in time for Fall.
The largest one was full of curtain hooks,because "pinch pleat drapes may make a come back someday ya know",and the medium one was in a different location filled with rubber sealer jars rings,cuz we all use those too,and the smallest was full of the small figures that we used to get in Red Rose tea,28 of them all in mint condition :)
I will take a pic of those to share soon,I was in a hurry this am.
Another fond childhood memory piece is this pretty little pottery jug.

It has just a hint of turquoise and was small enough to sit on my overcrowded shelf in the kitchen..for some reason I think one of my sisters may have made this.(No givebacks)
It reminds me of my childhood on Darlington Blvd in the 1970's when things were simple and stress free and we had our own vegetable garden with lots of goodies,and I could ride my bike up the street to buy a candy apple from a neighbour for .25.
A simple treasure found in my Mom and Dad's basement could bring back so many sweet memories of a childhood, which at the time I wanted to rush through for the most part and be "grown up" and now find myself longing for the days when we were all home for Sunday dinner !!
Enjoy your weekend,make some memories for your kids to cherish!

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Sue said...

With everyone watching Wonderful World of Disney and Wayne & Schuster on CBC afterwards! I sure miss those days. Thanks for sharing! And thanks for checking my blog. I will have to make sure I post more Nova Scotia content for you!