Our 1854 Suburban Farm House

Our 1854 Suburban Farm House
So this isn't Home Sweet Home...adjust!!

Baby Blue

Baby Blue
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

So the walls DO talk afterall....

Yesterday around noon I went over to the farm to pick up my camera battery charger and my sister Bev was there wallpapering the office. Brittany was scraping the backing off from the old paper. I started to help her and ended up staying until almost midnight.We had to do a Home Depot run for more paper and had a corner that needed Marks attention but when I left Bev was on the home stretch, the last piece has to wait until the corner dries. After 24 hours they can paint. As we got the backing off the walls told us stories of who and when the room was decorated in the past...here's what they had to say....
Decorated by JH Abernethy, J Rae Abernethy Oct 1947
Papered by George E Brecker June 8/44 Shaffire Mills something Co
Papered by Tracy Osmond Aug.17/95 IT'S HOT AS HELL 118 degrees OUTSIDE The paper was bought from Doug Abernethy son of Rae Abernethy who papered this room with his father in Oct 1947
getting there..
this is printed wallboard from the late 1930's it is high end Art Deco shell pattern,no decorating required!
east wall
Brittany scraping away!(In the only t shirt she owns LOL)
Handyman Mark fixed a corner for us...Bev is behind the piano papering
fun wow
the office will be painted the same as the adjoining family room so it looks like one big room
stay tuned to see the reveal in a few days!!!I need to go get a manicure now nails got somewhat damaged...lol

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Sarah B said...

All those messages are so interesting! I have been scraping back paint too this weekend and have very sore muscles!
So much fun!!