Our 1854 Suburban Farm House

Our 1854 Suburban Farm House
So this isn't Home Sweet Home...adjust!!

Baby Blue

Baby Blue
love is all you need...and an old truck!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

If the walls could talk!!

Last night was another great night in recovering the past! Brittany made us a nice dinner,2nd night in a row,and we got right to work! The 1800's Bowmanville sofa got relocated at the top of the grand entrance,and fits perfect on the wall,like it was made to fit there.
Brittany and Cara

Paul tearing up the old repairs,look at those heart pine floors..perfectly preserved!

back staircase where the carpet was removed,a couple orbs going up to bed..I told her this is where she should paint her numbers up the back stairs but she said no,her taste is very dressed up not casual like her aunt :P

upstairs bathroom,so nice,Mark's dad had this done a few years ago

so pretty

Mark going to the fork lift

Brittany and I in July when the sunflowers were in their glory

couldn't due this sunset justice with my point and shoot camera

view to the west

southern view of Concession 3

view from the top porch

unbelievable sunset last night

view looking down the front staircase

full view of mirror minus the wallpaper

top of the landing above front entrance

Brittany's childhood desk,was honey she stained the top and painted the legs,it fits perfect here

soon to be office

yup we have work to do here...

2nd kitchen behind office,will make a great laundry room or change room for the future pool

taking out the furniture from decades past with the fork lift

another entrance the sun porch ,they are turning into a mudroom,for the future Braggs to use

Grandfather Clock in entrance,and an orb..

Master Bedroom

Master bedroom

Emma HDS Bragg signed the wall upstairs,she was a sister in law to Mark's Grandpa (Bill who still lives on the property with his wife June)

I love demo!

Mark rolling out the old carpet!
upstairs hallway..1950's carpet removed!!
I think the previous owners were smiling down on us seeing the house come back to life,no offense intended to the ones who carpeted that was the thing to do then,it's just time to reveal the homes true character!

sorry the pics are a little out of order this new photo thingy uploaded them all at once....to be continued...

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Design Love said...

I love seeing all these pics! It's amazing to be able to re-do an old farmhouse! So much work, but so worth it....