Our 1854 Suburban Farm House

Our 1854 Suburban Farm House
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Baby Blue

Baby Blue
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Do you see what I see...

Friday Paul and I decided it was time to empty the Summer window..as sad as it was to see the sand beach go,in retail the seasons are always ahead of their time..people are Christmas shopping already!
Anyway we have been having issues with the ugly fluorescent light in the window,we've changed the ballast and it still doesn't wanna work for long..I was so done with the ugly lighting,not really suitable for an antiques shop. We already knew that we had more space above the drop ceiling in the window and above the whole shop, but really had no idea we would get so lucky to find this....
T&G woot woot!

and the ceiling ..comes tumbling down
up the ladder I went to peek, I couldn't see well so I snapped some pics...hello T&G and crown molding so perfectly waiting for me
As much as I would love to tear the whole ceiling out TODAY!! It is going to be a BIG, messy job and we are just heading into our busy season so..I think it will have to wait till Feb. I cannot wait to get this done though!!! 4 more feet of retail space..for FREE!! Our 4ft stars could sit along the shelf,pictures..etc.
We have three 12ft long apple ladders from the farm Paul was working at to hang from the ceiling....ok maybe we can squeeze it in this fall!!!Any helpers out there???


Margaret said...

Its no surprise that you found these treasures!! When the vacuum store across the street from Shooters went in, they exposed all the gorgeous leaded windows too. All of Downtown B-ville is riddled with these, and its a damn shame that people have been covering them up over the years!

Good Luck with the planning and reno's!! Im hoping to get in to see you and the store before too long. (Kingston has NOTHING compared to Bowmanville's shops!)


~The Boyd Homestead Farm~ said...

What a wonderful find!! I hate it when people cover us such wonderful walls and ceilings. I need to come in your store and check out your big stars! I need one for the front of my house. What is the price range on them? You can message me on FB if you want :) Have fun with those renos, if your like me, I get started on something and I just want to finish it, I hate having to wait, lol
Hope to see you soon! Trish