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Our 1854 Suburban Farm House

Our 1854 Suburban Farm House
So this isn't Home Sweet Home...adjust!!

Baby Blue

Baby Blue
love is all you need...and an old truck!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sally's Antiques in Oshawa

Want to go for a Sunday drive?? Do some great Antiquing??
Sally's is the place to go!
I am letting you in on one of my very favourite secret spots,close to home!
She is me,(my kids tell me we are the same person)well we are kindred spirits,we have the exact same taste. From the first day we met 5 years ago,we hit it off. She came into the store at our previous location and bought a sideboard (which she believes may have once been her mothers)...small world!  We sat and chatted for hours in her home later that evening when we delivered her sideboeard.
Since then we have bought and sold from each other,she also has things on consignment in our shop. She carries primitive furniture,collectibles,country kitchen utensils,lighting,old games,books a bit of everything!

We've joked about starting our own "Pickers Show" with us two chics digging through old barns,and attics.
She is only open Sundays 11-6 call ahead to be sure 905-655-8282
Located one km north of Winchester Rd at 3050 Ritson Rd. North
Say hi for me..

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Springing up the Window

With Spring right around the corner,I was in the mood!! The mood to change my window that is..

Buster likes being able to look out the window
 Hope everyone had a nice Family Day,we enjoyed the much needed day off.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Silent Auction Items

Two outta three ain't bad. I won this beautiful antique slag glass chandelier last week at our Bibles For Missions. I have it at home waiting to be hung in our dining room.
It should easily have been $350 but I won it for $100. I bid $90 then got worried and upped my bid to $100 so I bid against  myself  LOL I really can't complain I saved a couple hundred easy!
I cannot wait to see it lite and hanging in it's new old home!

I think I want to keep the dining room red now :) and that flower detail in the brass matches perfectly with the ceiling!!
ou la la 
it is going here,this one is too sentimental to sell so it will go else where,it was never formal enough here anyway

I wasn't looking for a new chandelier,but it couldn't be any more perfect for our room. So I'd like to think it found me,as I have only been to Bibles for Missions once before.

I also bid $25 on what they called a "ceramic jug" which turned out to be an antique ironstone pitcher :)

I didn't have one this size,I love it!

The items I lost we three brown molasses jugs,one had a large chip and the other two were small,I bid $40 for the three,someone outbid me at $45,I bid $50 and at the last minute someone bid $60. Which is fine,I was actually relieved,and they were thrilled.
I wish I could tell you the story of what happened there..but I don't want to gossip especially about that place. It was the entertainment of the year for sure..lets just say it turned into a not so silent auction at the end.


Monday, February 7, 2011

A Piece of Bowmanville History is SAVED from the Dump!!

Our Bibles for Missions store is very lucky to have had one of their volunteers in the right place at the right time! Renovations at a local home (turned commercial space) on our main street would have seen this beauty demolished and taken to the dump if it weren't for a local man who was quick to save it!
How great is this cupboard,seriously!
It was built into the library (board room) and had to be carefully removed,transported, and reassembled in it's new home. A fine example of 1850's quality craftsmanship.
I am working on getting more history of the original owners and will update when I do.
This is her original home
How I wish it was us that had been in that right place,at that right moment.
It would have looked so great in our shop for display,but I am just happy to know that it is safe and didn't end up in a landfill like so much of our history has.
I offered $2000 but they are not planning to sell it for a penny under $20,000 can't say I blame them one bit (although $2000 could buy a lot of Bibles..just sayin :P)

Thou shalt not covet,thou shalt not covet,thou shalt not covet!

isn't it just stunning!

original wavy glass

I am in love

They will get tired of me coming to visit it :)
I did win 2 of the three antique silent auction items I bid on though. They went straight home. I will have pics of them soon.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Signs of the Times

What was a vibrant, thriving downtown not that long ago has become a sad sign of the times.
What I really wish I were blogging about it is how our downtown is "the" place to shop. Unfortunately in the past few months the stores have become vacant one after another,it is beginning to look like a ghost town.

It is popular belief that certain box stores coming to the west of our quaint town is the reason behind the vacancy's, the relief from the recession has not come as "they" predicted it would.
Shop owners are not renewing their lease or are just leaving each month.
Consumers are going to the import stores to stretch their family's dollars, understandably so in the present economic conditions. But it is the consumer in the end that is responsible for the loss of jobs in our downtown,it is the consumer who has to boycott these stores which promote slave labour in the first place.
I am told that in the 1950's to the 1970's our downtown had everything you needed, a grocery store,bakery,men, woman's ,and children's clothing,a pharmacy,the barber ,shoes and more.
The locals say it was a bustling downtown where the merchants knew you by name,and were happy and prospering.
In speaking to a few of the merchants in my area of town the feeling is of uncertainty,more big name box stores are coming soon to the west of us. Over 1,000,000 sq feet of retail space.
Some are ready to retire having seen the good days and just tired of waiting for the big turn around promised by experts to happen by 2010. Others are scared,not sure whether when their lease comes up for renewal if they will stay or go.
We have good days and bad but are optimistic that we carry goods not found at box stores. Our customers are very loyal and keep coming back,we have also seen an increase in young couples interested in antiques again. Teenagers who love the greenness of it all, and the fact that the pieces they buy will hold their value, whereas the other stores items end up in our landfills in a few years. This is all very reassuring but doesn't pay the rent,heat,hydro,phone or taxes.
I expect to ruffle some feathers with this post but then it is my blog after all and just my opinion.
What do I know? Well don't take my word for it..read this
I am interested in your opinions and suggestions but don't send me nasty anonymous emails please.
These signs pretty much speak for themselves.
a lovely ladies clothing and accessory store 3 stores west of ours closing

4 doors down closed this month

cafe that has been empty for months

this restaurant has relocated just around the corner but still sits empty

another great shop closed :(
east of us this store has sat since the fire in April 2008
across the street never been seen before drastic sales

across the street,empty for months

a store that has been empty for over 2 years