Our 1854 Suburban Farm House

Our 1854 Suburban Farm House
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Baby Blue
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Monday, April 19, 2010

Sarah's House Season 2 is now a Disaster DIY

The opinions in this post are just mine and what do I know??You be the Judge...
Sarah's House season 2 was an amazing mid century modern back split redo..she transformed the entire space before our eyes..made us love the era (and back splits),and inspired us not to be afraid of old ugly basements...It was beautiful when she finished waving her magic wand...
What happened next is like some bad nightmare ..one that has you waking up all frazzled,wishing and hoping it was just a dream..
Unfortunately  it was NOT a dream but in fact someones unjust cruelty to her design...they should be charged with Terrible Design and found GUILTY as charged for doing this after she sold it to them!!
(again just my opinion)
Thankfully they didn't do to much damage to the kitchen,bathroom or laundry room....but they sure lost the wow factor..

The bedrooms are barely recognizable
Do you even want to see more?? how sad is this post! Picture above was the basement bedroom..Yikes!no more cute rooster plates..or funky tattoo wallpaper..

sorry to all Sarah's fans but I HAD to share!! This was advertised as  a "Sarah Richardson" designed house and was for sale at the time of this post. No idea if it ever sold,and I assume this would be the current owners decor.
Seen enough?? click here to see the real before and after shots...
Where did all the furnishings go from Sarah's design??? Some have been sold privately,and some are still available and in a storage warehouse...see Sarah's facebook page.


Anonymous said...

That is AWFUL! Who in their right mind would do that to Sarah's gorgeous and perfectly designed house? Oh I'm so sad I could cry =(

Anonymous said...

Not my taste, but I guess different strokes....Sarah's furniture was a much, much better fit for the mid-century space. It's a pity that it didn't stay with the house. Were the after pics posted because the house was for sale again? Was it some kind of "staging"?

Carriage House Antiques said...


The house was up for sale again,I stumbled upon the listing while searching for "Sarah Richardson" chairs on kijiji.
I don't know if it ever sold or not.

Sue said...

Ah, I think that explains it. I'm pretty sure this is staged to sell. The columns in the laundry room are a dead giveaway, real people don't live like that.

I actually had a nightmare last night about the living room. I kept seeing that faux French\Greco\Roman furniture & accessories in that beautiful room, and I just wanted to scream! Maybe I shouldn't have watched my DVR'd episode of this room on Sarah's House last night :-)

Thanks for posting these pics. It's VERY interesting to see what happens after the cameras are gone.

Waterdance said...

Could you tell me what the address of the house is?

tonywhit said...

"Staged"?!! For what? A Vegas act? This is by far the worst crime against design I've ever witnessed! It's as though Coco Chanel designed it, and then the Sopranos took over! This is not a matter of "different strokes". This is about professional design versus ignorance.

Carriage House Antiques said...

I don't have the address sorry,it is in Toronto somewhere.
@tonywhit LOL I agree,they really ruined the place! I doubt it ever sold looking like that!

just to let you know we are hosting a giveaway right now!
See our current post!

Anonymous said...

Why would you get rid of furniture that fit the era of the house perfectly and choose to furnish it with cheap wannabe French Renaissance furniture instead? It reminds me of all the nouveau rich fools that try to go for that "Tuscan" look in their McMansions.

About the Nut said...

Hey just saw your post cool Ive met your little doggie and been in your store too! I'm in Newcastle drop by "The House Nut" sometime or look me up and i'll invite you. Elaine Sommerville - Rushlow

Anonymous said...

Interesting post on what happens after the cameras leave!

As a side note, the automatic music in the background tortures people who use tabbed browsing. It's hard to figure out where it's coming from/interferes with other sound and video.

Daly Beauty said...

As a true lover of MCM homes and design, this is actually making me weep. This was one of the only Sarah Richardson homes I liked as I find her quite boring and bland but all I can say is WTF were these homeowners thinking and WHY DID THEY BUY THIS HOME. Get thee to the suburbs in an Italiente McMansion with that vile furniture.

Anonymous said...

This house is truly hideous. The only rooms that have survived pretty much intact are those with permanent fixtures like the master bath, kitchen and laundry.

Sarah, Tommy and Vito must be shuddering!

Whoever redecorated this house post-Sarah should never be allowed to decorate again!

Q. Did the buyer/owner fill in the doorway to the kitchen? -- it looks like the wall extends to the kitchen bench which means the owners ruined the kitchen area to gain access via the dining room. Agh!

The guest room looks loke a cave and the boob lamp has made a come-back in the tween bedroom -- Tommy must have cried!

Karen from Sydney, Austalia