Our 1854 Suburban Farm House

Our 1854 Suburban Farm House
So this isn't Home Sweet Home...adjust!!

Baby Blue

Baby Blue
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Reclaimed Brick

Back on the farm demo again, my husband and Jim aka Sanford & Son are still at it,taking loads and loads of metal to the Newcastle Salvage (they actually get a decent wage steel is up to $150/ton) the barn is starting to be dismantled,and some things have gone to good homes and businesses in the area. Like this antique apple press..
Knox's Pumpkin Farm bought the hay wagon and antique apple press which many families and school day trippers will be able to enjoy when they visit next fall.(our bunny BOB lives there now as well,he is white and brown,we called him Daisy for 2 years thinking he was a she)
Literally AS I was posting this the Knox family came in to visit and purchased my vintage "Connor" bins for their farm..talk about a coincidence!! I showed her the blog and she was as surprised as me..(the bins were never previously even for sale, until this past weekends Maple Festival),we have enjoyed them for years to sell pop during our events downtown and even lent them to our friends for their beach wedding last summer...but now they too will be given a good home where many more people can enjoy them...
What was I blogging about again??? oh yeah reclaimed brick..sorry the ADD's kicking in today :P
So yes we are seriously thinking of reusing the brick from the farm house (which I can now show pics of)  for the front original section of our own house..the bricks are clean and 3 deep so now the decision paint?? or brick??? or both??
And how good is that window going to look in our place!!! can't wait!!

I feel a trip back to CityLine home day coming on....glad we haven't got the paint yet!!!! that gingerbread HAS to go..sorry hunny I'm sure it looked amazing in the 1990's and we can sell it :)

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Creamy White said...

Thank you Nathalie for the support! I have a feeling this won't last long, just a few days...
I just loved your pictures!!!
Have a lovely day,