Our 1854 Suburban Farm House

Our 1854 Suburban Farm House
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Baby Blue

Baby Blue
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cougar Road Trip 2010

There's nothing like spending a weekend with girls..girls who know you the best...(and LOVE you anyway :)
We are a few of the "Courtice Cougars". Even though we are in our 40's..it's NOT what your thinking :P
We all attended Courtice Secondary School in the ..ahem..early eighties..our team mascot was a Cougar..hence the name for all of our sports teams...and now a perfectly suited name for us 40 something's.
Us cougars have been getting together for the past few years,thanks to a wonderful thing called Facebook..the highly addicting social network that brought us all back together in 2007.
We took a road trip to Niagara last summer and had such a blast re connecting,we vowed to make it at least a yearly event! While most of us still live in this area, our cougar girlfriend Lisa lives an hour and a half away and her place has become our destination weekend spot! We saved the date back in February and had been counting the sleeps ever since to our getaway! May 14-16 2010 is a weekend we will all be talking and laughing about for many years to come..Friday night we enjoyed an amazing dinner at Lisa's and had so many laughs our stomachs hurt! Although "life" took us in different directions for 20 + years,each of us can easily pick up right where we left off,and just let loose and have a blast!
 Saturday started off very different ( for me anyway), with a nice relaxing morning,lounging around Lisa's gabbing,drinking coffee and enjoying muffins from Timmies,and of course laughing. We decided to stay clear of the Falls (F the falls was the exact term if I remember correctly LOL)and spend our day on country roads,rejuvenating our spirits,and relaxing. We started at a Butterfly Conservatory 
On our way to the conservatory, we passed this awesome farm and just had to stop to take pics.It was very grey and overcast so it doesn't look like it but this farm was definitely turquoise.

We share a love of this colour  and saw turquoise EVERYWHERE this weekend..when you're looking for it you just start to see it,even Lisa's daughter began to point turquoise things out to us.
We had a nice dinner at a Mediterranean restaurant(even hit Wallyland and Value Village) and went back to Lisa's for a bonfire and more laughs..did I mention we laugh? ALOT!
Sunday morning was beautiful,warm and sunny,we had breakfast and began our day.
 We shopped at the most amazing garden centre called Terra there are 4 locations..I hope one comes to our neck of the woods soon.
 The afternoon was spent at Aberfoyle Antique Market where great finds were found..gotta be quick shopping with a girl who loves the same colour as yourself!! We had alot of fun there as well!

This great vintage ,very heavy ,steel Pepsi sign was found at a yardsale by Lisa's.All of the great Aberfoyle finds were under $100 total. The weekend went by way too fast,I'm thinking we need a long weekend next time!
Live,Love,Laugh..we certainly accomplished all three this weekend!!Even got to ride on a Harley!!I never pass up the chance to hold a kitten or ride on a Harley!!

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