Our 1854 Suburban Farm House

Our 1854 Suburban Farm House
So this isn't Home Sweet Home...adjust!!

Baby Blue

Baby Blue
love is all you need...and an old truck!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Knox Christmas Farm

Yesterday we visited Knox Christmas Farm
We had the best time wandering around the farm,watching a live Nativity play,sipping hot chocolate with all the fixins, seeing the animals,and warming our toes by the bonfire!
We went into the back forty and relaxed in the log cabin...I will let the pictures speak for themselves

Bowing their heads

Farm animals


Mom and babe

Julia and the very friendly horses

simple lights
my girls

lovely antique displays

Antique apple press is from the farm Paul worked at all summer

from us :)

pretty Julia

hot chocolate break

winter sunflower

warming their tootsies

sweet kitty

the log cabin

visit with Santa

stairs to the love nest
where the magic happens

group shot

and to all a good night!!

 apparently I have used up all my free storage space here,I had to order more..it may take up to 24hrs to post the rest of the pics :s
If you get a chance to go I highly recommend it to you and your family! They are still taking reservations for Thursday for the Christmas Cabin the best part!!
only 5 more shopping days


Jenny said...

Love all the pics! But, I think your peacock is showing all his glory lol. The colourful ones are male. :P

Carriage House Antiques said...

oops..I wondered about that..all the pretty birds are males I guess...
Merry Christmas