Our 1854 Suburban Farm House

Our 1854 Suburban Farm House
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Baby Blue

Baby Blue
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas

We have been busy little elves working long extended hours to accomodate our customers. I told Paul we should go 24 hours to compete with our new Walmart. We have everything here we'd need,a fridge,coffee,tea,food,a bathroom that is finished even  a shower,a tv,computer and a bed,customers may see one of us curled up by morning but they could ring a bell,and put the coffee on too please :s
Business is great,way up from last year,the dreaded Wallyland hasn't affected us at all. I have to laugh when I hear shops complain about the competition from Walmart and then they close at 5,or take days off at the busiest season. I am the complaint department it seems for all the other shops who are "never open" or are "closed early" I can only speak for our store,I don't make the hours anywhere else.
Customers expect extended hours during the holidays and usually work during the day,so they can only shop on weekends and in the evening,if we snoozed we'd loose for sure. We used to all be open 9-9 through the week during December,it was mandatory,advertised and well worth it,now there is no one enforcing the rules and customers just don't know what's going on in our downtown. Less than 10 years ago the downtown was thriving,things have been slowly improving,but the only way to stay on top is to put in the hours. To be accomodating,we open after hours for appointments all through the year,but especially during the busy season.
I love the busy days,all the people,the out of towners who just found us, as well as the faithful locals who always shop downtown. I enjoy wrapping for the ..ahem..men..and helping them pick out a unique gift. We have secrets hidden for wives and husbands,Mom's and friends :) I don't mind rearranging constantly as things go either,the shop looks new everyday lately,customers are always saying that it's different everytime they come in. I take that as a compliment,the sore back and neck are worth it..especially when this guy shops here..

popular print this year

hand made pennants are a favourite

Better go get some beauty rest..7am comes early...we will be open at 9am
Happy Shopping


Deb said...

Your store looks great! Wish I could be there.

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

Your store looks fabulous. When we get out Bowmanville way, I'll be sure to stop by. Tahnks for stopping by and becoming a follower, I'm following you now too.