Our 1854 Suburban Farm House

Our 1854 Suburban Farm House
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Baby Blue

Baby Blue
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Friday, October 1, 2010

Steven & Chris Show + Pottery Barn + HomeSense = A PERFECT DAY!

Yesterday morning,early in the morning..like when I am usually still sound asleep ...my BFF Jen,my niece Brittany and I took the GO train to the City to be part of the audience on the Steven and Chris show! We walked the three blocks from Union Station,stopped at Starbucks for some wake up,( I am still usually in bed at this ungodly hour)then we went to CBC studio. (all before 8am)
Being part of the audience was A LOT of fun,they are really funny and great entertainment. All of the staff were very enthusiastic,what a great job to have! We had a blast,even left with a nice goodie bag of hair product,and a Timmies mug!
myself,my niece Brittany and Jen
we couldn't get a pic with the boys so we mauled the poster instead!

Walk a Mile in her Shoes event downtown T.O
I Love Pottery Barn windows
love this whole set of dishes from HomeSense but just got another mug encase I break the one I bought last week
I have a friend who loves acorns..thought she would like this
really love the turkey!!!gotta go back and hope there is still one left AFTER Thanksgiving
Meanwhile back at the store....Paul was stripping ....(paint off of our front windows,)a gallon of stripper and about 12 hours should do it! Again we have to wonder WHY?? Oh well it's going to let more light in here too!

 Have a great weekend!!


Just Beachy said...

Sounds like fun , I requested tickets for next week .
The light that comes in the window is amazing , who knew you got a fixer upper...

Primitives By Jen said...

Ok....so I've tried to leave this comment 2 times already. Maybe third times a charm.

I have so much fun yesterday even if my feet were still sore this morning. Anything for fashion right...lol! Can't wait for our next adventure in the BIG CITY!
Love ya.

~The Boyd Homestead Farm~ said...

Glad you girls had fun in the big city!! Haven't been there myself in a few years, lol. Still hoping to stop by your store again soon if things ever calm down around here. Hoping you are having a great weekend, stay warm :)