Our 1854 Suburban Farm House

Our 1854 Suburban Farm House
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Baby Blue

Baby Blue
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Home Depot Mistint Paint $4.50/gallon on weekends :)

We are full speed ahead on the ceiling reno,trying to get it done for this Saturday's Applefest.
This is a special day for us,we will be celebrating our  stores 5th Anniversary. We opened for Applefest 2005,in a smaller location across the street,where we operated for 3 years,and moved to our current location in 2008. We restored the tin ceiling in our first location as well, but this time the job is much larger and taking a little longer,but the goal is the same..to be ready for Applefest!
I went to Home Depot   a couple of Friday night's ago, to pick out a paint colour for the top of the walls that we have recently exposed. I always check the mistint paint first, this time I was in luck,apparently a new girl had started that week and I had several to choose from :) better yet, the already dirt cheap paint goes half price for the weekend!!
I purchased 3 gallons of paint for $15.25, they were 3 attempts at the same colour,one was too blue,the other too green and the other too bright of a blue...which is turquoise..one persons mistint is another persons treasure!!

Paul priming

Saturday night painting party!

Before the shelf was moved,the ceiling patched and the top was painted
After.. the shelf is higher,the top of the walls have been primed,painted twice,the bottom will be painted Castle Path by Behr,since we have a gallon leftover from home...and the ceiling has been patched

My friend Julie is always mixing up colours she has kicking around,or gets from the dump,and coming up with her own line,so I thought I really had nothing to loose, right? at $4.50 a gallon,what could happen?
I came to the store and dumped the gallon of too green and the gallon of too blue into a plastic garbage pail and stirred er up! The result was a lovely Seafoam (Paul calls it hospital green) :S

it's hard to see a difference in the photo but there was definitely a green and a blue

I have applied two coats (with a very long pole) and couldn't be happier,I still have a full gallon left over too,and I saved the 3rd turquoise gallon for something else,maybe my bathroom at home.
So the cost to paint the store was $4.50 :)
Paul has started patching in the missing pieces of  tongue and groove, which were mostly still in the rafters of the old drop ceiling. Other pieces he bought from Tyrone Mill,who will have their apple goodies at the festival on Saturday!!
We have the primer on the ceiling thanks to Jeff,and will be rolling the ceiling paint tonight!
The shelf has been moved up a couple feet to the old ceiling height and looks great!
We have a few antique apple ladders from the house Paul and Jim worked on earlier this year,which we will suspend from the ceiling.
Oh and we scored these Hunter ceiling fans  Sonora from TSC (Bowmanville location,) in the clearance room for $59.99 each reg. $149.99 each. If you need a fan with some style go there they have about 100 left! They are white or natural blades with a school house type light fixture! They will help circulate the heat and match nicely with our antique fixtures.
Have a great week!!


Just Beachy said...

what colour will the beadboard be ?
I love mistints too , most of my aqua blues have been three dollar mistints, and great deal on the fans , awesome.

~The Boyd Homestead Farm~ said...

You found a great deal on the paint and the fans! I'll have to remember that, do they always have the paint cheaper on the weekends? We're hoping to make into Applefest since we'll only have 3 kids with us so hopefully we'll get into see you. Isn't it fun painting those ceilings, lol. Our livingroom and kitchen ceilings are the same style but just not quite as high, but it was really hard on the neck painting them, I can't imagine painting your high ceilings! Hope you are having a super week! Trish

Carriage House Antiques said...

The ceiling will be white,I know boring but clean and bright,and yes home Depot always puts the mistints on half price on the weekend.
Priming the ceiling was a pain because it had to be brushed on,the roller just took the paint right back off,hopefully we can roll the next two coats..
Paul bought a 12ft ladder on sale for $129 at Canadian Tire after renting one 3times at $20 a pop he figured it was better to own it.
The week is flying by,only two nights left to work on it...hope to see you at Applefest!!