Our 1854 Suburban Farm House

Our 1854 Suburban Farm House
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Baby Blue

Baby Blue
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Friday, June 11, 2010

Time to re paint the dining/bedroom!

We have been building a main floor master getaway for too long to admit..

In the meantime my oldest was moving home from school for the summer and we needed to juggle bedrooms. In order for each child to have his or her own room we moved into our dining room..yup you read that right!
 Don't mind the mess...we live here (that's my fav excuse!)No closets in a dining room go figure!
We closed off the french doors to the kitchen and voila..we have an "en kitchen" ..perfect for a mid night snack...not so perfect when the boys are playing video games above us till dawn!
The addition will be complete soon and I am trying to decide what colour to paint the dining room. I had always wanted a red dining room,but it is really starting to get on my nerves after 5 years.
The ceiling is wallpapered and painted pearl (to look like tin) and I swore when I painted it BM Hawthorne Yellow HC-4, five years ago that I would NEVER repaint it. I squished paint into every crevice of the crown molding for days, working overhead..on a shaky ladder,the ceilings are 10ft, ugh just the thoughts of doing that job again makes me shut the door and walk away!

But once the bedroom furniture moves out I will have the space to move around and want to have the pallet picked and ready to go..or it may fill up again and stay red forever!

I have been so inspired by all of the beachy theme rooms on here, and I could sooo do the blue ceiling and white walls,with the pine floors and furniture I think it could work,but my husband is more of a primitive soul..(no offense hunny) he likes the muted,warm colours and has already let me go crazy splashing white paint all over his burgundy wainscoting in the kitchen.

 In the bathrooms he would agree, but the dining room needs to be a compromise..so I need some suggestions..I definitely want to lighten it up but keep it romantic at the same time. The Farmhouse/Log cabin feel is going on in the living room,not too Great Wolf Lodgy but close.

 I also like to switch my living and dining rooms in the fall.So they have to work together. There's nothing like a turkey dinner at a harvest table in front of the fireplace. By Christmas though, we want to curl up in front of  the flames, so the sofa goes back.
Lots to think about..I thought of using the same colour we have in the living room BM Henderson Buff HC-15,but it is also starting to get "old" for my liking...I see the living room going almost the colour of the grout in our fireplace,a greyish beige. But if I take that into the dining room the ceiling would have to be white for sure :S I guess there's no avoiding painting the ceiling and crown...yellow isn't going to work well with anything else..what was I thinking?
I am going to go ahead and prime and see how I like the white before I make any commitments.
Have a great weekend, whatever you do!

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Sarah B said...

I have real troubles trying to pick colours and yes, it's not really a job you want to do too often, especially those high ceilings. Painting our ceiling roses almost killed me. I now know that the next one I do will be painted before it goes up on the ceiling!
I think painting it white and then deciding is a god idea. Have a fun weekend!
ps thanks for following my blog :)