Our 1854 Suburban Farm House

Our 1854 Suburban Farm House
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Baby Blue

Baby Blue
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

In The Master Bedroom..Would You Prefer it Rough? or Smooth?

Progress is being made in our master get away,at this rate the kids will all be grown and moved away and we won't need a get away...but nevertheless,it has begun to take shape..the wood should be well "climatized" by now as it has been patiently waiting since last fall.
the end wall has been strapped and is all ready for the boards to go on..

this is the latest dilemma..do we want the planks smooth side facing out?? or rough side facing out??
the top two are the rough  the bottom is the smooth board
The ceiling is smooth so I thought we should go smooth (and we will be painting them so smooth made sense)..until I went to Crate & Barrel and now we are undecided. I think the texture could work!
hmmm WWSD?
Sooner or later this will be what our morning looks like 


Deb said...

I want to say smooth, but you know what you like, right??

Carriage House Antiques said...

That's the thing..I like both LOL..Paul has since put up 3 smooth side out full length of the room..we are at a stand still..
The last hold up was over the width of the boards,we had thought we should cut the boards to 8" but I didn't want any fingers lost and said just go with the 10" i like them wide and they cover quicker with less work!
Now we have this issue..always something..the colour of white will be next!!
Are you getting the storm in NB?? we have been hit all day today with wind and snow..I'm going home!!

Rustic and White said...

Natalie, I like the look of rough, more rustic looking I think, but could there be a possibility of splinters coming off of the rough side?
I too live in Bowmanville and wondered where you got the wood for your floor. We will be decorating our master bedroom in May and I am planning on putting wood down, similar to you, had thought of going with 8 inch widths and painting it white...thanks!


Carriage House Antiques said...

hi Carrie

We purchased this wood from Woodley Mill,it is cheap .75 cents/sq ft. It is cheaper to buy it in 10"width and cut it down to 8" yourself. We had planned on doing that but then just decided to go with the 10". We are also using it on the floor.
We installed it at our shop 2 years ago and it has held up awesome,people always comment that they love our old floors. Paul filled the screw head and it looks like a pegged floor. We purchased that load from Tyrone Mill..they are both good it just depends who has it in stock at the time.
It is called rough cut pine.
I didn't think about splinters...yikes!Cleaning the rough side could be a pain too...

Prior said...

I like the character of the rough! My baby of five was 4 when we started our remodel, now he is 18...and we still need to paint the outside! Lezee

Anonymous said...

I like both however, I think since you started with smooth on the ceiling you should continue with that same look. The paint will grab differently to the surfaces and me more noticable that it is not the same as the rest of the room. I just don't find the lines on the wood from being run through a plainer attractive character. Also given the style of your house I would choose smooth. I just love your house! What color are you planning on painting? Julia

Carriage House Antiques said...

Hi Julia

I was just thinking about you...and that generous give away we talked about,I only have a handful of followers but I think it's a great idea!
Thanks for your input..I agree! Smooth it is!!Thanks for giving me the reassurance!
I am definitely painting them white,and I am thinking Sarah Richardsons Snowfall.
Layla (The Lettered Cottage)suggested awhile ago to white wash the ceiling and paint the walls to break it up..
Talk soon c:

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I think it is more better if it is smooth, that's my idea. It is still up to you. Thanks for sharing.