Our 1854 Suburban Farm House

Our 1854 Suburban Farm House
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Baby Blue

Baby Blue
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Silent Auction Items

Two outta three ain't bad. I won this beautiful antique slag glass chandelier last week at our Bibles For Missions. I have it at home waiting to be hung in our dining room.
It should easily have been $350 but I won it for $100. I bid $90 then got worried and upped my bid to $100 so I bid against  myself  LOL I really can't complain I saved a couple hundred easy!
I cannot wait to see it lite and hanging in it's new old home!

I think I want to keep the dining room red now :) and that flower detail in the brass matches perfectly with the ceiling!!
ou la la 
it is going here,this one is too sentimental to sell so it will go else where,it was never formal enough here anyway

I wasn't looking for a new chandelier,but it couldn't be any more perfect for our room. So I'd like to think it found me,as I have only been to Bibles for Missions once before.

I also bid $25 on what they called a "ceramic jug" which turned out to be an antique ironstone pitcher :)

I didn't have one this size,I love it!

The items I lost we three brown molasses jugs,one had a large chip and the other two were small,I bid $40 for the three,someone outbid me at $45,I bid $50 and at the last minute someone bid $60. Which is fine,I was actually relieved,and they were thrilled.
I wish I could tell you the story of what happened there..but I don't want to gossip especially about that place. It was the entertainment of the year for sure..lets just say it turned into a not so silent auction at the end.


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Deb said...

You got some great deals!