Our 1854 Suburban Farm House

Our 1854 Suburban Farm House
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Baby Blue

Baby Blue
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Snooze ya lose ?... well maybe not always

I found this great, all original,amazing,fabulous,perfect,amazing..oh I already said amazing..wonderful,exceptional,exactly what I've been looking for, antique cupboard on kijiji the other day,
with only 73 views I had high hopes..emailed the seller 3 times that day..once with my store number,again with our cells as it was located in Georgetown,and we just happened to be going there to pick up my youngest daughter. So if I could see it at the same time,it would work out perfect.
There was no phone number in the ad just a map,which said the street name. When I hadn't heard back from anyone I just hoped we'd find the place..and surprisingly enough we found the house on our first try..it looked like it was under reno's,and sure enough we knocked on the door and asked (hi I'm not a weirdo stalker) no I asked "do you have an antique cupboard for sale on kijiji by any chance" and he smiled and said "I did,until a few hours ago!" :(
 WHAT!! He had JUST listed it that am!!When it sold he hadn't checked his emails,I chatted with him for a little while about the reno's and paint colours, yada yada and he remembered that the guy who bought it said he was going to be selling it at Aberfoyle!! :) YAY!! then he described the location of his booth!!! I knew who he meant immediately,we met at Christie and again the next day at Aberfoyle!!
So I made a call and put the cupboard ON HOLD until I can get there..luckily he was planning to restore it and wasn't putting it in his booth right away, and besides,I didn't want him to touch it!! He laughed and said it was still on the truck! I half jokingly said "perfect! just bring it to Bowmanville" Well the size of it isn't good to travel too far on his truck so we will make the trip!
It really pays to ask questions..and chat with folks for sure...except now the price will be going up!! :S

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